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Lacey with Zack, Marshall and The Friendly Butcher, Ken McDonald
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Lacey Budge for Miss Earth Canada 2011 BBQ

Representing Ontario, Lacey Budge is on a journey to become the next Miss Earth Canada for 2011. Her goal is to educate everyone on the importance of improving and maintaining our health and the health of our planet by choosing wholesome, local, organic foods. On July 9th, Lacey delivered this message at ‘The Friendly Butcher’, located at 3269 Yonge Street. At ‘The Friendly Butcher’ their goal is to provide great tasting food sourced fresh from local Ontario producers, including properly aged premium beef and free-range poultry, and always fresh, never frozen. Some of Lacey's "Top 10" reasons for buying local are, supporting the local economy and farming community, minimizing the environmental footprint from transportation, and freshed, tastier foods grown locally.

Photos by Steven Harrison

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